Why Study In Hamburg?

Why Study In Hamburg?

Why Study In Hamburg

There are a variety of reasons that you should consider studying in Hamburg. First of all, Hamburg has one of the most interesting night lives in Germany. If you want to live it up while going to university, Hamburg has anything that you can imagine to help you do so: clubs, bars, and other nighttime activities round out every night.

Not really into the nightlife? That’s alright! Hamburg is also a great cultural centre. Many people think of Berlin when they think about cultural attractions in Germany, but Hamburg has just as much to offer when it comes to culture. If you’re into shopping, you can check out Jungfernstieg’s Noble shopping avenue. You can also check out the underground Schanzenviertel if that’s your sort of thing. If you’re interested in something, chances are you can find it in Hamburg. Many places in Hamburg may seem uppity, but don’t let the upturned collars and cool reserve fool you; it’s definitely somewhere to check out in terms of culture.

Another reason to study in Hamburg is because the city is doing so well economically. The city is the biggest trading hub in all of Germany, and because of its port, Hamburg is one of the central hubs for worldwide trade. Over 120,000 enterprises from around the world have settled in Hamburg, most of them port, logistics, life sciences, aeronautical industry, media, and information technology enterprises.

Obviously, we can’t talk about studying in Hamburg without talking about the universities and colleges. Here’s a quick look at the five major universities that are located in Hamburg.

The University of Hamburg
The University of Hamburg is the third largest university in Germany. Over 40,000 students are currently attending the University of Hamburg. They offer 170 different majors in six different faculties. If you’re looking for a university that focuses on research, the University of Hamburg may be what you’re looking for. This University has been at the core of climate research in Germany since the Federal Government put forward an initiative in 2007. Cosmology, neurosciences, and linguistics are also popular areas of study at the University of Hamburg; the only sign language major in Germany is offered here, and so are courses in Yiddish and other languages.

University of Technology (TUHH)
Hamburg’s technical university (the second-largest university in the city) is located across the harbour from the University of Hamburg. It’s located in the traditionally working class Harburg district of the city. TUHH is known for its majors in ship-building, engineering, city planning, and electrical engineering. TUHH has always been known for its forward-thinking, interdisciplinary approach. It was established in 1978, and was the first university in Germany to create a public funded body that connected researchers with private investors and companies (known as a technology transfer corporation). TUHH is associated with the Northern Institute of Technology, which allows them to offer an MBA as well.

University of Visual Arts
If you are looking to study art in Europe, Hamburg is a great place for you to consider. Other than Berlin’s University of the Arts, Hamburg offers more majors and choices for potential art and design students. Like most schools, the UVA has started to emphasize on electronic media and digital art, but what makes this university unique is its film school. UVA’s Film School is one of Germany’s most respected film schools, and its students produce dozens of festival-quality films yearly. Hamburg emphasizes on the practical and it offers its students a variety of options, including wood shops, textile shops, and a publishing house.

University of Applied Sciences
The University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg offers a variety of modern majors such as media, information technology, economics, and communications. The university is connected to a worldwide network of universities, and has a variety of different opportunities for students who decide to study abroad in Hamburg. The university is known for its high-quality education and its international worldview. Currently, over 2,000 of the 13,000 students that are currently enrolled hold a foreign passport.

HafenCity University Hamburg
The HCU is a unique university because it only focuses on architecture and metropolitan development. It is currently the only university of its kind in Europe. Every discipline that could be under architecture and metropolitan development are at HCU, no matter what you imagine that they could be. They offer a unique Masters degree in Urban Design and Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning alongside a variety of other degree programs.

Overall, if you are considering studying abroad, Hamburg has several universities that can you can choose from. They have great nightlife programs and a lot of culture for you to indulge in as well. Overall, Hamburg is a great choice for studying abroad, no matter where in the world that you are coming from.

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