Transportation in Hamburg

Transportation in Hamburg

Transportation in Hamburg

Like most metropolitan areas, public transportation in Hamburg is easy to come by. Many European countries depend on public transportation rather than dealing with vehicles, and Hamburg is no exception. The Hamburg Public Transport Network, known as the HVV, operates a full system of rapid transit, rail services, and bus routes in and around the city of Hamburg. They also utilize harbours and buses in order to further their reach. Visitors can purchase a variety of favourably-priced tickets (group tickets, travel cards) and other cards that also provide discounts at various locations around Hamburg. An average monthly pass for using HVV services is approximately €80.

The most popular forms of public transportation in Hamburg are the U-Bahn, the S-Bahn, and regional rail services that are available through the HVV. There are currently four U-Bahn lines, six S-Bahn lines, and nine regional rail services. These all work together in order to ensure direct links in the Hamburg region without having to deal with road traffic. The U-Bahn and S-Bahn transit services are available on weekends and holidays, even though it is on a reduced schedule.

The bus and rail systems in Hamburg work in unison to make a comprehensive network without any gaps in the service. Many of the smaller bus routes connect rail routes to one another. Metro buses, express buses, sprinter buses, and town/regional buses all work together in order to get you around the city and to the satellite towns that surround Hamburg.

As mentioned previously, Hamburg is literally surrounded by water. Because of this, the city’s transportation system utilizes this resource as a form of transportation. There are currently six ferry lines that serve the harbour and the Elbe River. Two-digit numbers that start at the number 61 labels these routes. Your daily HVV tickets also cover the ferries, which means that you can take a trip around the harbour for absolutely no extra cost.
You don’t necessarily have to use public transportation to get around if you’re studying in Hamburg. Hamburg has a public cycling system called StadtRAD (CityBike) Hamburg (found at There are over 80 stations where you can go to borrow a bike, and then you can return the bike to any other bike station. The first half an hour is free; all you need to do is have a bank, credit card, or customer card in order to borrow a bike. You can also borrow one of these bikes via telephone. Many natives of the city will use this option because the city is very bicycle friendly; it offers bicycle lanes almost everywhere and widened areas for bike use.

If you are looking for more information on the HVV and other public transportation concerns, you can find it at:

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