Hamburg Living Costs

Hamburg Living Costs

Hamburg Living Costs

The only complaint that many students have about studying in Hamburg is the cost of living. Unfortunately, due to being a larger city in Germany where many affluent, white collar Germans reside, the cost of living has been driven up quite a bit. Here are some of the things that you may regularly purchase while residing in Hamburg. All of these are converted to USD and can be found on

  • Basic monthly bills are estimated at about $260.
  • A three course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant is approximately $50.
  • A standard bottle or draught of beer runs at about $4.
  • A kilogram (2.2 pounds) of Hamburg cheese is about $15, and a kilogram of chicken is about $10.
  • The average mid-sized new sedan is approximately $21,000.
  • A litre of milk is about $0.83; whereas a loaf of bread is quite high at $2.50.

As you can see, these numbers aren’t absolutely terrible; many of them are similar to what you may pay in your own home country. It is recommended, however, that you purchase any clothing for everyday wear in your home country; a pair of jeans can cost you almost $100 if you buy it in Hamburg.

The cost of living is also relatively high because the city is fairly affluent; the average monthly salary (after taxes) is just under $3000 USD. If you can get a job in the area while you reside there, you can definitely afford it. As long as you budget correctly and do not go absolutely mad, you can make a decent living and enjoy your time in Hamburg with no problems.

To find out more about the living costs in Hamburg, please visit the site below:

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